Internet / Web Questions

What's a URL?

A URL is the location of a file on the web. This can be the location of a website, a page on a website, an image and more. is the URL of this website. is the URL for this page. How do I get the URL for a page I like on a website? Go to the page and look at the address bar in Internet Explorer (or other web browser program), you will see the URL for that page. is the URL of the above image

How do I get the URL of an image?

Find an image on a website, right click on the image and choose "Properties". You will see a field named "Address: URL". The text following it is the complete URL for the image. You can create a link with the URL, go here to learn how.

What is bandwidth?

You go to a blog/website and see text and images. Each time you view these, you are receiving a certain amount of information from the blog owners server. The amount of information you receive is considered bandwidth or traffic. Each month or year, the blog owner pays money for a specified amount of bandwidth. So each time an image that "lives" on their server is viewed, they are paying for it to be seen. For much more information, click here