Beginner Help for Blogs

You want a blog but you’re totally confused… we’ll guide you through the frequently asked questions and all that confusing tech speak

Getting Started

To have your own blog you’re gonna need to know a few things. Hosting, you’ll need a place to “host” your blog. Which is a place on the internet to store all your files, like blog software and images. After you order hosting, you can install your blog software. click here to order Premium Hosting from Software, to make a blog you need blogging software. This is a program in which you type your entries and upload photos, which then “posts” that info onto your blog website. lets say you’re using wordpress for your blog software… – on the internet, you would login at your control panel – then you would type your entry and upload photos – and press the “publish” button to add the entry to your blog so that everyone can see what you’re up to

Domain Name

you can order a domain name at or any other domain name seller. This domain name will “point” to your hosting account so when people type in your domain name they will see your blog. Images, some blog programs give you the option of uploading images right in the control panel. It then gives you a code which you add to your post to show the image.

Choosing Blog Software

We’ll help you choose the right one for you. Total Beginner, if you are somewhat computer illiterate