Hosting / Design

Blog hosting especially and ONLY for fiber artists: knitters, crochet, weaving, spinning, even craftsters!

We LOVE Wordpress.  Any of the accounts below INCLUDE Wordpress setup. If you need a blog design, choose the "Ultimate Plan" below for a custom template.

Hosting is available through our sister company in partnership with servers because all accounts are activated and created by a person, it can take 2 to 24 hours to receive a confirmation email and to setup your account You can cancel your account at anytime. 30 day money back guarantee. Premium Hosting Plans - for blogs [boxes lines="lines_x0x0x"] [box style="3-1" bg="white"]


This is the hosting you want if you have or plan to buy your own domain name. Go to to purchase a domain name, Then sign up for hosting with us. delight plan $50.00 50 MB web space 2 GB traffic website email account Wordpress INSTALLED! hosting is $50 each year 9 accounts available
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If you want to start blogging with the best software and have a cool design, this is it! For $150 we'll setup WordPress, create a banner and button for your blog, change the theme to a custom one, and even guide you through your first entry! If you're a Blogger user, this program will import all your entries for a seamless switchover! ultimate $150
Wordpress blog, banner & button, custom template, photo gallery Choice of domain name 50 MB web space 2 GB traffic [/box] [/boxes] On your one year anniversary, just pay $50 for another year of hosting. No hidden fees, no banner ads.